Learning and Technology Theories Reflection – Question2


Earlier I identified myself as a constructive learner, but what does this mean in terms of being a teacher? Well as I had stated before, in reflecting upon my personal learning I will further my knowledge of how to deal with a variety of different learners. Therefore, while analyzing myself I have been thinking of my future students and how I can help them learn, while using technology and following the constructivism theory.


Three ways that technology can be used throughout constructivism:


  1. ePortfolios: In using ePortfolios students can see their progress in learning. Thy will be able to see where they started, what they knew at the beginning, and how they built upon it.
  2. Mindmeister (mindmaps): The positive about this program is that it can always be updated. A student could create a mindmap at the beginning of the semester (the knowledge that have already built) and add to it throughout the semester/ year.
  3. Twitter: Constructivism is based on a collaboration of ideas. With twitter students can create links with other students or teachers. In sharing knowledge, the students will be able to build upon their own and establish their own opinions.

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